Supported Boards & Clients

Providing successful builds of Ethereum Clients for multiple, Linux based, ARM embedded devices

Raspberry Pi

Build Scripts and .img files for the Raspberry Pi Platform

BeagleBone Black

Build Scripts and .img files for the Beaglebone Black Platform

Odroid XU3/XU4

Build Scripts and .img files for the Odroid XU3/XU4 Platform


Build Scripts and .img files for the Wandboard Platform

EthCore Parity

Download our Parity .img file! Currently it is only available for RasPi 2 & RasPi 3, but we will have images for our other supported devices soon!

C.H.I.P. – (Coming Soon)

Although C.H.I.P. does not natively have a large enough storage medium to store the entire Ethereum Blockchain, we have successfully ran eth & geth clients on it! Waiting for LES Light Client.

...let us know if there is a development board you would like to see Ethereum running on...

Interested in project oaken?

Project Oaken is made up of a team of professionals working to build-out practical solutions within the blockchain space. Our ACORNS product is a secure, autonomous, machine to machine platform to provide the underlying infrastructure needed to power smart cities and our future via the internet of things and the internet of money.
Welcome to the intersection of Blockchain & IoT
  • Blockchain enabled devices
  • Distributed Storage
  • Smart Contracts
  • practical deployments

Links & Resources

Links to project based on & related to EthEmbedded and Blockchain IoT
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Blockchain Blink

An IoT & Blockchain Tutorial developed byJames Johnson of the Dallas Ethereum Meetup
If your in the Dallas area check out the next Dallas Ethereum Meetup
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A social blockchain experiment created and developed by A-Labs, the digital innovation lab of City of Antwerp.
Join the Kittyclub, get validated by two other members and discover all benefits that come with a validated cat.
For more information Visit the Website, read the Whitepaper, or check out their GitHub

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