Get Age

Function that uses custom error checks if an input age value is in bounds

The program shows how to to raise errors, as well as how to create a custom error.

The program will ask for a age value. If the value is not a number it re-asks the question. If the age is out of a given bounds a error is raised. The custom error is created as a class with another related error class as an inheritance.


> python

> How old are you? as1

> Invalid integer? input

> How old are you? 31

> 31

> How old are you? 133

> Traceback (most recent call last):

> File "", line 72, in

> print get_age1()

> File "", line 42, in get_age1

> raise OutOfRangeError("The value", age, "Is out of the range 0 to 122")

> __main__.OutOfRangeError: ('The value', '133', 'Is out of the range 0 to 122')